Photo /users/aendr/cheshirecat/649 Fishguard harbour
Photo /users/aendr/cheshirecat/650
Photo /users/aendr/cheshirecat/651 ... and as seen from the ferry
Photo /users/aendr/cheshirecat/652
Photo /users/aendr/cheshirecat/653 The Stone Age 7000-2000BC; Camp Site (Hunter-Gatherer, Mesolithic Period)
Photo /users/aendr/cheshirecat/654 dugout canoe
Photo /users/aendr/cheshirecat/655 Early Irish Farmstead (First Farmers, Neolithic Period)
Photo /users/aendr/cheshirecat/656 Stones for grinding flour
Photo /users/aendr/cheshirecat/657 Inside one of the houses
Photo /users/aendr/cheshirecat/658 Portal stone - a dolmen
Photo /users/aendr/cheshirecat/659 The Bronze Age 2000-500BC; Stone Circle (can see the alignment from a stone marking a Cist Burial through the entrance of the stone circle)
Photo /users/aendr/cheshirecat/660 Stone Circle
Photo /users/aendr/cheshirecat/661 The Celtic/Early Christian Age 500BC-1169AD; Ogham Stone
Photo /users/aendr/cheshirecat/662 Celtic Farm
Photo /users/aendr/cheshirecat/663 Weaving inside a Rath or Ring Fort
Photo /users/aendr/cheshirecat/664 Early Christian Monastery
Photo /users/aendr/cheshirecat/665 Corn Drying Kiln
Photo /users/aendr/cheshirecat/666 Crannog
Photo /users/aendr/cheshirecat/667 Round Norman Tower
Photo /users/aendr/cheshirecat/668 Upper Lake at Glendalough