Are they hot or not? (Vote on http://www.amihotornot.com/ )

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Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/377 Dave Payne leads the lads' attempt to get a good photo on amihotornot.com with this. Suggested captions included: "This Porn Star is hot." Discuss.
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/378 Rich follows with the "Have you seen this rapist?" pose...
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/379 but faces stiff competition from Barnaby Boy Band Balmforth.
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/382 Piers wanted to try the sexy pool-player shot...
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/383 ...but thought better and opted for the Lazy Bar Steward pose.
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/384 It's official! Rich is a 9.9! (He gets in all from his father too - ed)! Oh, it's all going so well...
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/385 ... and then the tops start coming off. Is it a four pack?
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/386 Or is it a six-pack?
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/387 Piers recovers from a broken neck...
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/388 ... to go one better with the "clutching crotch" shot.
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/389 Not to be outdone, more crotches get clutched.
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/390 Shaken, Rich attempts a comeback by drawing attention to his chest hair.
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/391 ... and Ginga attempts a setback by drawing attention to his.
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/392 Oh, words just fail me...
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