Christmas and New Year 2000-2001

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Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/424 Marky Boy with obligatory cans of Guinness.
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/425 "The name's Driscoll. Mark Driscoll"
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/427 Hannah at the controls of a random steam locomotive at the National Rail Museum.
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/438 A bloody big train. I'm six foot remember...
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/440 The controls of the Mallard
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/447 Yup, that Mallard.
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/450 York under water.
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/455 Marky Boy shows off his new Dave-shaped puppet, but has yet to master the art of ventriloquism
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/465 Christmas Day with the family
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/467 When you wake up to see this through your window...
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/471 ...it can only lead to this :)
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/473 New Year's Eve in the Kirkfield
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/488
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/500
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/504 The annual Sixth Form Reunion...
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/505
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/506
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/507
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/508
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2000/509
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