Ash finishes finals (Mar 2001)

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Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1100 We asked Vanessa to take a photo and, er, this is what happened :)
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1101 The Champagne starts flowing.
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1102 This one's going to have to turn up in the caption competition section eventually
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1103 Close up 1 : Aron
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1104 Close up 2 : Ellen
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1105 "Do you have to take photos constantly, Dave?"
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1106 The next instalment of Ellen's excellent series : "Typical poses of Magdalen physicists", number 14, "Aron and Dave"
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1107 The gang return home.
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1108 Anna reads with interest How to have an E.M.O. (If you look at the large version you can probably make out the acronym). Another coup for the combined power of the Digital Camera and The Sun's women's section.
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