Rachel Thomas' 21st (Apr 2001)

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Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1701 Rach reaches for the stars...
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1702 ...though looking a little unsure on her feet already
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1703 Rach starts off the group photo frenzy with one of her "comedy angle" ones
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1704 but soon learns that automatic ones from a flat surface are more pleasing to the eye
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1705 The champagne starts flowing, though sadly Rach's face is omitted...
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1706 ...so we're obliged to make up for it here. Cheeky grin or what?
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1707 Follow on from the face, Rach insists we get a clear one of her chest too.
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1708 Alcoholics' Corner starts to fill up early on...
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1709 ...though even a glass of lemonade is too much for some...
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1710 Mandatory "photo of someone taking a photo" photo
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1711 10,000 Volts unexpectedly surges through the bed
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1712 The usual suspects get captured on camera once more
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1713 Simon sneaks in on another photo
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1714 As much as this looks like an evil plot to force drink down Dave's throat, it sadly wasn't
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1715 Simon, viewd from, well, quite close really.
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1716 The "Ash looks at some porn" shot
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1717 The "Anna seems interested too" shot
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1718 Another one of Rach included for her uncle's amusement (hi Paul Tyrer, if you're reading this)
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1719 The cause of much heated academic debate... which way up is this photo supposed to go?
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1720 Dancin' the night away
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1721 Well, "dancing" in inverted commas maybe. "I'm a little teapot, short and stout" anyone?
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1722 Can't deny it... Erica's a groovy chick on the dancefloor...
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1723 ...slightly less so when she's doing, well, whatever she was doing here. I don't know which way up this photo goes either.
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1724 Anna looks suitably shocked at the antics going on in the rest of the room. But of course, we all know how avidly she was reading about EMOs in a previous set of photos...
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1725 Rendition of Nessun Dorma looks imminent
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1726 "Before I kill you, Mr. Bond..."
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1727 Dharma and Greg survey the room
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1728 Catherine with a sparkly top
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1729 I don't even remember playing YMCA. Or was it The Birdie Song?
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1730 Heavens, I missed the Hokey Cokey too
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1731 The award for style might go to Catherine, but I think Rach has to get a mention for effort here
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1732 A starfish invades the circle of dancers
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1733 Dancing requires great concentration
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1735 Today's guest caption: "Wikkid! Boyakasha!" - submitted by Niall Harrison
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1736 Get the feeling they're becoming a little weary of the incessant photo-taking?
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1737 Aron and Erica's team make a bad start in the wheelbarrow race when Erica realises she's the wrong way round
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1738 Top marks to Niall for getting an embarrassing photo of me dancing onto my website. (Well, yeah, I could just delete it, but it's a bit unsporting)
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1740 The girlz looking, well, half formidable...
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1741 ...half totally blasted :)
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1742 Niall has a bright idea
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1743 ...this presumably wasn't it.
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1744 ...although looking at the evidence...
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1745 ...maybe it was. Certainly seems to be a grin on his face there.
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1746 and hers.
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1747 Though on second thoughts, it still looks a bit painful for the poor lad.
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1748 How to get out of a dodgy photo fast...
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1749 ...by someone wearing all black. Damn, game's up.
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1750 The candles are lit...
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1751 ...and then the cake is cut with much ceremony
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2001/1753 The walk back to Grove at 3am... and time for one last photo. Freaky, eh?
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