Earthings' Birthday Meal 2003

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Photo /users/dave/kodak/2003/4170
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2003/4171
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2003/4172 Angharad organizes her fellow earthlings from a commanding position
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2003/4173
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2003/4174 Yes, they are both for him :-)
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2003/4176 Ganesh, with a love heart radiating from his head. Jury's still out as to whether it's due to the proximity of Dom or Amanda...
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2003/4177
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2003/4178 Well, we had to find some way of preventing Wol from floating off...
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2003/4179 Earthlings looking, well, confused. Hardly surprising since they're nowhere near Oxford and there isn't a Circus in sight...

Special message from M S Driscoll:
"I would like to suggest that, having seen [photo] 4179, Dom is carrying a large condom."
Photo /users/dave/kodak/2003/4198 Small things...
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