Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3841 Creating an Elephant
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3844
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3847 Nursery, expanded, before painting
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3848 New wall in nursery
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3849 New wall in spare room
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3850 Paint pile
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3851
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3856 Getting ready for painting
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3857
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3858
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3859 White base
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3860
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3861 Blue sky and green grass
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3862 Blue!
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3863
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3864 Pencil outline
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3865 Starting the monster (outline)
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3866 And filling it in
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3867
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3868 And starting the elephant
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3869 Blob
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3870
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3871 Monster green, with metallic base coat arms, antennae stalks and feet and magnet attractive purple (iron filings) hands and antennae blobs
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3872 And some eyes
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3873 Elephant whites
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3874
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3879 Monster magnet spots and metallic arms etc
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3880 Elephant and mouse dark greys
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3881 Monster hand close up - when wet this paint is gloriously purple
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3882 But rather greyer when dry. Looks fine for spots, but isn't quite the look I want for the hands.
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3883 Elephant finished
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3884 With mouse on head (and gloss on tusk)
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3885 And closer on the rear end
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3886 Mouse on side wall
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3887 Mouse on head
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3888 Completed monster
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3889 I did the hand in turquoise - watch out, this monster may turn the light off on you while you aren't looking! Also, spot the magnet.
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3890 Spots (and hands and antennae blobs) to which lightweight good magnets can stick - can you see one?
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3891 Eyes! (Not /quite/ finished - watch this space)
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3892 Ganesh's friend.
Photo /users/ganesh/gryphon/3896 Eyes in the dark! Shame the middle (yellow) one didn't come out too - but it's a slightly cheaper paint and doesn't glow as long. The blue fades before the green, too, so they go out one by one.