Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/1406 Gowolla, a gorilla, intelligent and superior, looks to Ganesh
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/1407 Theodore Edward Bear, known as Bear, megalomaniac, looks to AEndr
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/1408 Nanuk, polar bear, wise, looks to AEndr, acquired at Living Coasts, Devon, 1 May 2005
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/1409
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/1410 George, Monkey, looks to Alex, acquired Christmas 2009, present from Mummy and Daddy
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/1411 Mousey, Mouse, Rhinoceros, looks to Alex, acquired November 2008, present from Uncle David
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/1412 Tolly, short for Ptolemny, Dragon, looks to Heather, acquired October 2008, present from Teddy
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/1413 Sinister and Dexter, Dragons, officially look to Ganesh, present from Yoga
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/1414
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/1415 Kanuk, polar bear, looks to AEndr