Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/2955 Kentwell Hall ( is a large manor house in Long Melford, Suffolk. As a way to keep the manor house going, in the seventies they started to do Tudor reenactments - volunteers dress up in as close to authentic Tudor dress as possible, and live in a Tudor style. These continue today, 3 weeks in the Spring, over the summer bank holiday and a week at Michaelmas. http.// During the week there are school visits and at the weekends the general public may visit. We (well some of us) hope to join them in 2013. In this album is all our visits in 2012 - we went 4 times in total. You can find previous years' visits elsewhere in our albums.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/2956 First visit of the year, 23rd June 1556/2012. Here we see some Tudors dancing on the great sward.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/2957
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/2958
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/2959
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/2960 Heather and her hat.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/2961 Our friend, Mistress Julian, is a spinner in the weaving shed. She's using a Great Wheel.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/2962
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/2963
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/2964
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/2965 Alex and Heather love the space to run.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/2966
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/2967
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/2968 Another friend, Mirabel Honeypot, is showing us how to make butter.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/2969
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/2970
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/2971 Mistress Julian's son is pretending to sleep but the light isn't good.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/2972
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/2973
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/2974 Now we jump to the 7th July. Wearing garlands for a competition.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/2975
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/2976 Getting some tips on kit. This is not a good style of bowl.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/2977 These are good bowls and spoons.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/2978 These are good mugs.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/2979
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/2980 We've got baskets from the fair.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/2981
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/2982
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/3306 Now we jump to 24th August. This man is cutting fresh branches to make drumsticks.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/3307 The sutlers are making pottage for the masses.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/3308
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/3309
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/3310 Here the dyers are drying their wool.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/3311 In the Smithy
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/3312
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/3313 The gentry having dinner
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/3314 The kitchen where it is cooked
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/3315
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/3316
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/3317 Alex and Heather at the carved old tree, corridor side
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/3318 Door knocker side
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/3319
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/3320 Ladder side
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/3321 Stairwell side
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/3322
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/3323 Heather and Poppet Annie.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/3324
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/3325
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/3326
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/3327
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/3328
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/3329
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/3647 Now it's the 29th September. This man is a solider, modelling a doublet for Alex's poppet.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/3648 Hatband