Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/690 On the train
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/691
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/692
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/693
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/694 No 96 Dandy-phant. St Pancras International. Green grass and dandelion clocks.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/695 No 50 Heaven's Haathi. Selfridges Basement. This had quite an Asian feel to me. The Parade shop is right beside this. Lots of mini elephants there.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/696 No 217 The Spirit of India. Selfridges 4th floor. Fish and hearts?
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/697 No 258 Ziggy. Selfridges 2nd? floor. Sparkly! I (AEndr) rather liked this one.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/698 No 258 Ziggy. With AEndr and Heffie.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/699 No 258 Ziggy. With Heffie and AEndr.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/700 No 216 The Emerald Queen. Selfridges Ground floor. We nearly missed this one. Ivy leaves. With Alex.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/701 No 16 Mrs Stripe. Stripy. With Alex.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/702 No 241 HappyPhant. With Alex.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/703 Alex (trying to get away) and Marble Arch.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/704 No 18 Panda. Painted to look like a Panda. I found the ones painted to look like another creature generally odd.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/705 No 23 Dash. In running kit.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/706 No 22 Bolt. Also in running kit.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/707 No 46 Bobby. A policeman's lot is quite a happy one.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/708 No 24 Whizz. Also in running kit.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/709 No 8 Ampersand. This was made of lots of circles of different sizes and was hollow. It was pretty cool, but we didn't dare have Heffie looking out through a hole in case we lost him inside.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/710 No 240 Zabriskie. Silvery with mirrors.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/711 No 240 Zabriskie.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/712 No 240 Zabriskie. Heffie looking in the ear mirror.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/713 No 240 Zabriskie.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/714 No 240 Zabriskie.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/715 No 108 Karma. Not sure about the name fitting the design.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/716 No 29 Blue Macaw. I'm really not convinced about this bird painted over the elephant.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/717 No 215 Elefun. Yes, fun.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/718 No 79 The Empire Is Not Striking Back. I expected something rather more starwarsy.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/719 No 1 Spotty. Yes, and nice and simple.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/720 No 11 Simply Silver.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/721 No 11 Simply Silver.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/722 No 17 Gaj Mani. Leopards. Much better painted small on the elephant.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/723 No 63 In Your Trunk (Turn The Bass Up).
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/724 In a line
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/725 No 112 Tara.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/726 No 246 Never Forget.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/727 No 134 Will Only Words Remain.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/728 No 195 Eko.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/729 No 102 Tattoo - Born to be Wild. Nice design.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/730 No 86 Polyphant.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/731 No 209 Harmony.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/732 No 109 Russell. I liked this one too.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/733 No 25 I Miss The Forest.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/734 No 243 Hope Of Freedom.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/735 No 73 The Vanishing Lotus.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/736 No 210 Harapan.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/737 No 169 Nanook. Having disliked other animal ones, I was surprised I liked this one.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/738 No 44 Fish and Chips.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/739 No 137 Big Heart Open Mind.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/740 No 77 Pik Bingko. I liked this one. Lots of texture.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/741 No 202 Dazzlephant. I thought that some others were more dazzley.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/742 No 225 Mr William.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/743 No 174 BaarsFant no2.