Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/695 No 50 Heaven's Haathi. Selfridges Basement. This had quite an Asian feel to me. The Parade shop is right beside this. Lots of mini elephants there.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/696 No 217 The Spirit of India. Selfridges 4th floor. Fish and hearts?
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/697 No 258 Ziggy. Selfridges 2nd? floor. Sparkly! I (AEndr) rather liked this one.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/698 No 258 Ziggy. With AEndr and Heffie.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/699 No 258 Ziggy. With Heffie and AEndr.
Photo /users/ganesh/kelpie/700 No 216 The Emerald Queen. Selfridges Ground floor. We nearly missed this one. Ivy leaves. With Alex.