Photo /users/will/00001 Um Videos. Lots of them. Its a hard life
Photo /users/will/00002 Um a light Fixture. It gets better. Honest.
Photo /users/will/00003 But not yet. If you've never looked out of a plane window at 33,000ft its slightly interesting
Photo /users/will/00004 Ross. Blurry. Not pissed
Photo /users/will/00005 Nick. Blurry. Asleep.
Photo /users/will/00006 Not Funny
Photo /users/will/00007 Um, Thats the plane we flew on. Big isn't it?
Photo /users/will/00008 Plane going somewhere. I don't know where, I just work here OK?!
Photo /users/will/00009 Cuddly or parnoid? You decide!
Photo /users/will/00010 Thats where I kipped. Hit the hay. Copped some Z's
Photo /users/will/00011 Ross in "Letters"
Photo /users/will/00012 The Beach. Nice isn't it?
Photo /users/will/00013 The Beach, and water-ski. Jealous yet?
Photo /users/will/00014 More Beachs and Water skiing. The water was really nice as well
Photo /users/will/00015 Ross writing letters on his world famous Journal
Photo /users/will/00016 Not a photo of Ross. Photo of fit bird in the back ground. She's a real looker. Note, if your her, my emails ok?
Photo /users/will/00017 The Sea. Sailing. Entertain Yourself.
Photo /users/will/00018
Photo /users/will/00019
Photo /users/will/00020
Photo /users/will/00021
Photo /users/will/00022
Photo /users/will/00023 Colouring In. I think. His feet stink. I bet.
Photo /users/will/00024 My Bed. With, stuff on it
Photo /users/will/00025 The Hovel
Photo /users/will/00026 Writing in the Journal Ross tells us more about himself, and the holiday
Photo /users/will/00027 "I Love my Teddy Bear!!" he's only 21. The Teddys called "Dream" apparantly. Dodgy
Photo /users/will/00028 Er, Yes.