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Dominic Hargreaves dom at earth.li
Thu Aug 7 23:43:51 BST 2008

[copying to Oxford list as the likely venue]


I would like to arrange another hackfest. Probably in Oxford, probably
in September or (if necessary) October. All day Saturday and/or Sunday.

I am trying to sort out some hosting at my workplace (well equipped with
conference room space and wireless, and central Oxford location) but
that's not confirmed yet.

So, who would like to come and:

- make a CSS design suitable for shipping with the default OpenGuides
- implement a global OpenGuides portal
- improve the mobile device support of OpenGuides
- improve the user interface of OpenGuides
- fix/triage a hundred and one little bugs[1]
- meet like-minded people, hack, socialise, maybe even do some Oxford
  data collection if you want to get out in the open

and above *make OpenGuides even better*?

If so, either reply to me letting me know which weekends in September or
October you could make, or if you're a fan of these newfangled web
things, visit

Let me know if you would bring a laptop with wireless, or would like a
computer to be provided.


[1] http://dev.openguides.org/report/1

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