mamot: Memories Are Made Of This

When some friends and I were pointed at MoreMemory (which was at but now seems to have disappeared) there was a general feeling it was a cool little utility, but unfortunately it was only available for MacOS X. Foolishly I said it wasn't particularly complex, and it should be easy enough to write something similar which would run under Linux; before I knew what was happening I'd all but offered to do so.

However, I had been meaning to look at wxHaskell for some time, and figured it would also give me a bit more experience of using darcs (although probably not in a scenario that would tax it), so I decided to give it a whirl. And this is the result!

This release still has a few niggles, largely due to me not knowing the right way talk to wxHaskell/wxWidgets. However, the actual functionality should all be there.

The idea is to create images like this. Here are screenshots of the main window and the memory editing window.

To find mamot:

darcs repo
darcs web interface*
Ian Lynagh <>