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DLSim is an open source digital logic simulator I wrote and developed, initially as part of an undergraduate projects and then funded by CARET. It is designed as an educational tool, and allows the student to lay out combinations of logic gates and watch as changes propagate through the circuit. New components can be built from those supplied and dropped in to create layered circuits of considerable complexity - the screenshot below shows a counter built from a register and a 4 bit ALU. The source and the compiled (Java) executable are available from sourceforge.


A rather frivolous one, this. I developed this primarily to learn about the difficulties of developing a truly cross-platform Java Applet. Although Java is a cross platform language, different implementations of the VM (particularly Microsofts), and the different ways browsers interact with applets made this rather difficult (at the time - the situation is somewhat improved now). If you feel like playing, click here or on the screenshot below. You may download the applet and reuse it as you please.


Mailman-stats produces statistics from mailing list archives. It plots such things as emails per month, most popular subject lines, most prolific posters and so on. It also provides detailed per user statistics, right down to what words you use and misspell most often. Another gimmick is that it uses Markov chain techniques to imitate both an 'average list user' and each of the individual users. This can produce some pretty amusing output. Source code is messy, but if you would like to tidy it up and reuse it, it is available on request. An example of what it can do can be seen here