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Mutant Enemy is the production company set up by Joss Whedon to produce the television shows he makes: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly. I am a fan, to varying degrees, of all three shows, and I have several pages here relating to them in one way or another; it makes sense to split them off from the more general SF section.

Note, July 2003: I find myself without home internet access, so plans to get caught up on my S4 backlog over the summer have taken a hit. I still plan to start fresh with S5 of Angel, but we'll have to wait and see...



Recent additions - 21/05/03: Angel 4x17, 'Inside Out' (external link). 28/03/03: Another three Angel reviews: 4x08, 'Habeas Corpses'; 4e09, 'Long Day's Journey'; 4x10, 'Awakening'. 10/03/03: Three Angel reviews: 4x05, 'Supersymmetry'; 4x06, 'Spin the Bottle'; and 4x07 'Apocalypse, Nowish'. 13/02/02: The S7 half-time review; Angel 4x04, 'Slouching Toward Bethlehem'. 27/12/02: An overview of S7 at half time. 24/10/02: Short-Short reviews of Buffy 7x03, 'Same Time, Same Place; 7x04, 'Help' and 7x05, 'Selfless'22/10/02: Review of Angel 4x03, 'The House Always Wins'. 20/10/02: Review of Firefly 1x04, 'Jaynestown'. 16/10/02: Review of Angel 4x02, 'Ground State'. 12/10/02: Review of Angel 4x01, 'Deep Down'. 01/10/02: Review of Buffy 7x02, 'Beneath You'. 29/09/02: Review of Firefly 1x02, 'Bushwhacked'. 26/09/02: Reviews of Buffy 7x01, 'Lessons', and Firefly 1x01, 'The Train Job'

  • Angel-related pages, including reviews and Tim Minear's posts to umta, are here. Angel was spun off from Buffy the Vampire Slayer in 1999, and in my opinion it is now consistently better than its parent. It chronicles the adventures of Angel, the vampire with a soul, and his friends in LA. A good introductory website is The City Of Angel. I also regularly post to the newsgroup uk.media.tv.angel, which will one day have a website here.

  • Buffy-related pages are here. Buffy was originally a show built around the simple concept that 'High School is Hell.' All the normal horrors and traumas of adolescence were covered in an exaggerated supernatural form, usually with a significant degree of style and intelligence. After the characters graduated from High School at the end of the third season, the quality of the show has deteriorated, largely due to the loss of this powerful central metaphor. Nonetheless, there have still be some remarkable high points. The show is currently starting its seventh, and probably final season. Other places to go include uk.media.tv.buffy-v-slayer and BuffyGuide.

  • Firefly-related pages are here. Firefly is the new show on the block. It is set in an entirely different universe to Buffy and Angel, but uses the same basic 'speculative fiction as metaphor' approach to telling stories. Joss Whedon accurately describes the show as a 'Western in space'.

  • Polls of various kinds, notably the five-star rating polls from umta and umtb, are to be found here.

  • Various ME-related links can be found here.

  • If you have any comments, you could sign the guestbook, the message board below, or let me know directly.

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