Last Update: 27/03/07

Firefox extensions

My contribution(s) to the world of Firefox add-ons.

Popup Resize

This add-on allows you to set all popup windows to be resizable. Personally I keep my fonts quite large which is quite incompatable with the tiny-little, fixed-size popup windows which litter the web.

The add-on actually exposes some otherwise hidden Firefox preferences which force popup windows always to be resizable. There are also settings for always including the toolbar and various other UI elements.

Translators: The add-on's currently only available in en-US. If you'd like to submit a translation, simply translate the screenshot below and I'll gratefully include it in the next week (and credit you, of course).

Install Popup Resize (7 kb)

Zip archive

Source for the add-on
(The source is pretty simple so should be good for learning the structure of Firefox extensions.)