Last Update: 16/11/02


Version 0.1


Slightly more than a random hack, but by no means a carefully constructed coding project is leechaid. I got fed up with hunting for ages through the randomly output of a !list on #e-f. Hence I threw this programme together which cleans up the output and sorts the servers in order of free queues.

It only works with mIRC, unfortunately.

It's actually written in perl. God did not intend for people to extend mIRC with perl, so I've included all the relevent dlls necessary with the package (so you don't need to download anything else).

Leechaid screenshot.


leechaid adds a new command to mIRC. After doing a !list, wait until you have got as many fserv responses as you like. Then type /fserv to produce a sorted fserv list. More functionality in later versions :)


Download Leechaid 0.1

It's sort of necessarily open source, being perl. Leechaid, like all good things, is licensed under the GNU Public License. The bundled perl interpretor is licensed under the Artistic License.


Version 0.1