Luminescence band

This filter creates a psychedelic effect by shifting the hues of pixels depending upon their luminescence value.

Download the filter and source code (zip file).

It works particularly well on live action video but can also be used on animation, although it generally required increased post-filter blurring, particularly with orthogonally compressed video such as MPEG and divx.

original image lumband image

Whilst the filter can be used straight, it is often useful to add some sort of blurring to smooth the sharp transitions between hue boundaries.

lumband only blur more added

The image on the left is with just luminescence band, the image on the right has the subsequent application of the VirtualDub internal blur more filter.

Ian Roberts pointed out that you can get a decent effect by having a large number of bands, a small hue delta and using the 2d cleaner filter by Jim Casaburi to do post-filter blurring and MPEG artifact removal. I still like the addition of the internal blur filter to remove sharp edges as a final stage.

2d cleaner filter for postprocessing

This filter is distributed under the GPL and uses code from Donald Graft's excellent Colorize filter.

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