Adam Roberts List Of Subgenres

Adam Roberts has a plan to write a short story in ever subgenre of SF.

"An on-going project of mine is to write a short story for every sub-genre and premise that SF has made famous; to assemble a collection in which I can try my hand at all the hackneyed old conventions."

Note that he says "sub-genre and premise"; some of the things aren't exactly subgenres.

Anyway, his subgenres-or-not are:

  1. Time-travel story (done)
  2. First encounter with alien life (done)
  3. Novum story (new piece of technology) (done)
  4. Interplanetary/interstellar travel story (done)
  5. Robot story
  6. Virtual Reality story
  7. 'Philosophical' story (done)
  8. Post nuclear war mutation story (done)
  9. Scientist story (done)
  10. Alternative History
  11. Magic Realism (done)
  12. Utopia/Dystopia
  13. Sword and Sorcery (done)
  14. Thundering good old-fashioned space opera story (done)
  15. The End of the World (done)

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