Alabama Three

Alabama 3 are a British band, who make what they describe as 'country acid house' music. The members are Larry Love, Dr D. Wayne Love, the Mountain of Love, Sir Real 'Congaman' Love, Mississippi Guitar Man Love, the Spirit, Little Boy Dope, the Book of Love ("the fourth most-tattooed man in Europe") and I.V. Lenin. They are the musical arm of the First Presleyterian Church Of Elvis The Divine.

One of their albums is called 'Exile on Coldharbour Lane'. Coldharbour Lane is in Brixton, here: <>. Note that this is the website where Brian Paddick, former commander of the Brixton police, made his infamous remarks about anarchism. Anyway, that's the album with the samples from Rev Jim Jones on it.

They did 'Woke Up This Morning', which later became the theme tune for The Sopranos.

Their new album is 'Power in the Blood'; opinion is that it's good, in fact it's better than good, it's worth the dosh for 'Two Heads' alone and you get lots more... It's cracking.

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