All Nighter Czar

This is a proposed amendment to the OUSFG Constitution. It is not yet fully formed.

Basically, the proposal is that there should be a title 'All-Nighter Czar', whose holder is responsible for organising all-nighters, including the constitutionally mandated ones, external ones (such as Phoenix movie all-nighters) and random extra ones. We could have a mechanism similar to that applying to the Genital Piercing Officer, such that the All Nighter Czar title could be promoted to a post, thus placing the holder on the committee, in an emergency.

Feedback is welcome.

Can I respectfully request that no allnighters take place on Library meetings? I may be one of those arts-students-slackery types, but even I have to get up in the morning. --TL

Oh if you must insist, then okay :). -- TA

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