Alx One

See Alx Williams. The 'one' suffix being useful in conversation to distinguish him from Thea Logie, but redundant in text given the different spellings of their names, and doubly redundant here given that t'other Alex is called Thea Logie instead.

The other nicknames used to distinguish between them in common parlance (at least within Alx One's earshot) are Big Alx and Little Alex, Greater Alx and Lesser Alex, Alx1 and Alex2, and Evil Alx and Other Alex.

There have been attempts to create more 'zany' nomenclatures, but these fortunately appear to have been unfit memes, though small pockets of infection may still exist. Malex and Falex were considered, but summarily rejected. Alex Joseph and Alex Mary were strong contenders; these are, it is said, their actual forenames. Which is spooky. Or would be, were it true. Can we expect a pseudo-offspring Alex Jesus, founding a whole new faith, Alex Christianity? Only time will tell. By analogy from the Elven Niall/Dwarven Neal terminology, Goblin Alx? (obviously) and, er, (random-demihuman-here)Alex suggest themselves.

Not bad. Now we just need to solve the problem of the multiple Marks. :) --TL

Well, that's simple. Mark MkI and Mark MkII. :) -- WJR

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