Alx Williams

He is an ex OUSFG President and (sort of) ex OUSFG Secretary. He is still an OUSFG Librarian and, perhaps, an OUSFG Invisible. He also runs the Caption Convention with Jo Charman, Ian Snell and Ruth O Reilly. Also God Emperor Of Tunes by popular aclaim.

aka Alex Williams. However, this spelling seems to have fallen out of favour. The alternative spelling is his own fault, though not his intention. Flushed with the joy of possessing his first proper email account, he chose 'Al X' as a sort of amusingly faux-cyber handle. However, he lacked the foresight to realise that this was the sole occasion in which most people would see it written down, and that thus he had inadvertantly implied that it was his preferred form of address. Having mutated it via AlX to Alx, he is now content to let it remain thus, as a perpetual reminder of the dangers of sarcasm, especially on The Internet. And because it's kinda cool. Oh The Irony. It also makes it less likely that anyone Googling for him will find this wiki, which can only be good thing...

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