Andrews Birthday Chain

This page only needs to exist on the 26th January 2004, but I'm creating it now.

See, that day is Andrew Hogg's birthday, and I'm working on a big internet chain thing. Lots of different people creating pages, linking to each other and all wishing him happy birthday.

In the meantime, anyone who wants to wish Andrew happy birthday should post their greetings here! -- NH.

He isn't friends with lj:twici, right? And is known to not consume the RSS feed? And, er, happy birthday Andrew. PS for the record, this conspicuous display of sentimentality makes me sick. -- TA

Yes, happy birthday, and I have to agree with TA above, although the concept of a techy trail slightly reducing the proportion of the web filled with porn is one that seems to be a good thing. -- IS

Happy birthday Andrew Hogg... erm, whoever you are. And there's nothing too sentimental about wishing a happy birthday, although too much schmaltz is a Bad Thing?. --TL

Happy Birthday Andrew! Hope we're managing to instil a deep sense of paranoia in you with this cyber-birthday conspiracy thing. ;-) --GM

Happy Birthday... and seconding TL's identity data absence. Ah well, we can all drink a toast anyway. Confusion to our allies! -- WJR

And when you've finished wondering who all these sets of initials are, go here:

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