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Canonical form of Chick's name.

Maths Wiki

I made a Wiki. It took me all night and most of the next day and I think it's really cool:

It'll be mostly of interest to mathematicians, especially those who know Te X, and will only be up when my web server is running (hopefully most of the day).

Not About Maths Wiki

SF and/or Sci Fi likes include Frank Herberts Dune (currently only the excellent excellent Feature Film), Red Dwarf, LEXX, Futurama, Star Wars, Star Trek (all except TOS), The Girl From Tomorrow, The Mysterious Cities Of Gold, Jayce And The Wheeled Warriors, Defenders Of The Earth, possibly more when he's thought of them. Probably also all from TV. But when he was little he read every Isaac Asimov book in the school library.

Fan of old-school special effects, like those in Dune.

Of those other things in the TV SF category, Chick likes Stargate SG1, hasn't seen The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy (read the book first, highly unusual for him), is currently indifferent towards the others. Except Buffy The Vampire Slayer which he plain doesn't like.

Some Stuff

What Was That Film

I remember watching an animated film when I was young and I need to know what it was so I can get a copy and have a nostalgia trip. I don't think it was anime or manga. The opening scene had a vehicle scooting across a landscape from left to right, with the camera looking at it from its right and following. It had a cockpit big enough for two people and a wheel on the end of each of its four stupidly long legs. I think it hit a rock shortly before it crashed into some trees. The occupants might have been a kid and his dad. At least one of them survived.

Later there was a thick jungle inside which people had some sort of dwelling. A treehouse maybe.

Later still an enormous robot fell out of the sky and landed on its front in some field. There was lots of stuff about these enormous robots with quite small heads towards the end and I think there was a kid involved.

End of Human Memory.

Ah! One of those Childhood Anime Memories!

Maybe I did see Laputa Castle In The Sky! Giant mostly dead robot looks familiar. The main kid looks just like Esteban from The Mysterious Cities Of Gold. But I remember that opening scene very clearly. Maybe my description is of more than one film. Or even a TV series. That would be complicated. -- ARC

They always look like Esteban from The Mysterious Cities Of Gold! It could well be several things mashed together. -- TA This is because he was cloned by strange South American magicks and an army of Esteban clones is now poised to swarm across space and conquer this entire galaxy. -- WJR

(Any chance of contributions to Zool V from your good self? --TL)

Yes, when make time. I contributed to something like that in BBS days. -- ARC Update: Not before I've read the lot and understood it. If I add a paragraph without having done that then untold things will happen. Untold. I know this from personal experience. -- ARC

Understood? Zool? -- WJR

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