Archie Maskill

Archie (<> has been fraternizing with elements of OUSFG since late 1997 (originally Alx Williams, his tutorial partner and then OUSFG President). OUSFG let itself into his room while he was out making a cup of tea in early 1998, and that was that. Hey, at least it brought muffins.

Archie is an ex-OUSFG Librarian and a dabbler of Ousfg Dot Net <>.


He is a director of Stellar Pioneers <>, aiming to roll-out a weird hybrid of Settlers Of Catan, Command & Conquer, Civilisation and EBay, playable from within CSS?-capable browsers. This project has been in hibernation for some time, but has recently relaunched. He likes : Python Language, C Language?, C Sharp Language? and operating systems that are POSIX Compliant?.

Currently, he's working on some distributed video-playing thing.

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