Arts Student

Scientists believe that we do less work than them. Perhaps this is true, in terms of sheer hours spent, and certainly we Arts Students (former and present) do have a few less early mornings to enjoy, but the scientists possibly forget one great luxury they have which we forever lack: right answers. If a scientist 'gets it right', then they're more or less assured of a good mark. For Arts Students, however, not only is 'right' a very grey area, but we also have to take into account... the opinion of the tutor, other equally valid viewpoints, and so on. That tact can occasionally gain or lose marks to a significant degree on an Arts Student's paper or essay should be enough in itself to show that although we might not work as hard formally, we're having to play a whole different board game.

"A degree in an arts subject reduces average earnings to below those of someone who leaves school with just A-levels, a study shows. "

Of course, we all knew that anyway.

No, we all knew that statistics can prove anything. As H2G2 once said, "the results of a Galactic Census demonstrated that the average being had 2.4 legs and owned a hyena. Since this was manifestly not true the project had to be abandoned."

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