Bad And Wrong

A thing not merely Bad (morally incorrect) or Wrong (logically incorrect or extremely inappropriate) but both.

Some (approximate) examples:

Shoplifting from Oxfam.Bad And Wrong
Editing someone's newgroup post in your reply without making it explicit.Wrong
Doing so to deliberately misrepresent their views.Bad And Wrong
Calling people names.Bad
Being prejudiced about the sexuality of others.Wrong
Using 'gay' in the Pejorative Sense.Bad And Wrong

See also Evil And Bad And Wrong.

Using 'gay' in the Pejorative Sense. Hmm. In some fields, such as computer games criticism, and South Park, this has virtually reached the status of a recognised technical designation.

True, though this doesn't necessarily make it less Bad And Wrong. I'm guilty myself, I'm just dubious about the implications... Still, I guess Language Is A Tool.

Uhuhuhuhuhuhuh. You said 'tool'.

Settle down, Beavis.

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