Bastard Operator From Hell

'Operator' (or 'systems operator' or 'sysop') is a historical term for what we'd today call a Sys Admin; basically, a bitter, twisted individual who is responsible for the care and feeding of a computer, and in particular, for ruthlessly protecting it from its users. The Bastard Operator From Hell is a kind of Sys Admin folk legend: the meanest, most devious operator of them all, one whose cruelty to users is an inspiring example.

Read <> for a transcript of the BOFH training a junior operator. In particular, the following questions posed to the novice, with correct answers:

Ob Charlie Stross?: The marked resemblance to the actions of Mini Love? in 'Nineteen Eighty Four' is given a twist in Charlie Stross' story 'Big Brother Iron?' (working title: 'The BOFH in the land of 1984').

Surely you mean Mini Luv??

Could be. ISTR that 'Mini Love?' is the plain english term, whereas 'Mini Luv?' is New Speak?.

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