Big Engine

Big Engine are publishers of original and vintage science fiction and fantasy.

A good link here would be:

And don't try unless you're more into that sort of rock music with stagelights than you are in SF.

Ben Jeapes, who runs Big Engine, is signed up to the OUSFG Announce list. He couldn't make the Freshers' Drinks, nor First Contact , but he knows all the termcard details from the flyer. Maybe he'll take Brian Aldiss (qv) aside and ask for a book.

But for all you aspiring Charles Strosses out there, Big Engine also does a 'zine, called Three SF. The writers' guidelines are on the site, so don't just look at the "oooh, buy me" page.

Unfortunately, Big Engine is dying, as reported in Ansible 189: <>

This also means Three SF will be suspended.

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