Brian Aldiss

Well known SF author, a founding father of OUSFG (see Origin Of OUSFG), and an excellent raconteur.

His novels are interesting, but they do tend to be rather slow and/or impenetrable. In the case of Helliconia, it takes a good 10 000 years to get going.

A century from now, he will perhaps be known best for his meta activities, such as writing critical histories and organising organisations (such as the BSFA).

His last SF book was Super State, published at the same time as his latest Mimetic Fiction book, The Cretan Teat. He has recently finished writing a new novel, which is now slouching towards the presses to be published, and is embarking on a project of writing one 1500-word Short Story every day.

Brian Aldiss is president of APIUM.

Stanley Kubrick accused him of "writing tedious rubbish" and hired Ian Watson instead, whose brand of demented gibberish he presumably preferred.

Once rescued some of James Blish's cats from a fifth floor New York fire escape. They were on the fire escape because he had left the window open.

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