British Broadcasting Corporation

Two state-owned free to air non-commercial channels, BBC 1 and BBC 2, funded by a 112 annual licence fee payable by everyone using a television set, whether they use it to watch the BBC or not. The BBC also offers five radio channels gratis, and provides free transmission of John Peel to the entire world, no doubt as part of some Covert Ops-funded scheme to overthrow tyranny, oppression and melodic songs with choruses you can whistle.

In the past, the BBC has produced some fine programmes, ranging from the excellent 'Play for Today' strand, its adaptations of classic plays and novels, such as "The Forsyte Saga", "Wuthering Heights", and almost everything Shakespeare has ever written with the possible exception of his shopping list. The BBC has also showcased new drama, and of course produced us with many long running series and serials, such as Doctor Who, Blake's 7, and many more.

They also run a number of digital stations, including BBCKnowledge, BBCIgnorance, BBC3, BBC4, BBCPrejudice, BBCKnitwear, and UK Gold.

Sadly, these days British TVSF is the exception, rather than the rule.

These days, they make East Enders and Ground Force. (and other cheesy docusoaps/soap operas/incarnations of pure evil)

And are trying to sell same to the former ON Digitallers? by the (black?) magic of Free View? (at least, that's what I think it's called)

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