Broad Street

Wide cycle race track running between Blackwells and Waterstones. Features of interest include The Sheldonian Theatre, Balliol College (former residence of the OUSFG Library), Trinity College, another College I can't identify, and a number of shops. Turl Street turns off beside Blackwells Art and Poster Shop, and leads down towards Jesus College, and eventually High Street. Broad Street ends with crossroads whichever way you go, from the Holywell Street/Parks Road/Catte Street cross at one end to the Cornmarket Street/George Street/Magdalen Street-leading-to St Giles on the other.

This street, which is thankfully now no longer a building site, was partly pedestrianised around the turn of the millennium, and was also the former location both of the haunted Thornton's bookshop, a long-standing piece of Oxford locale which has now sadly moved on (now dealing online and by mail-order: <>).

When it was in the process of being pedestrianised there was a sign on one of the blockading flower tanks that said something like "This barrier will be here until the council decide what to do"! You couldn't make it up!

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