Cartomancy Book

A collection of short stories by Mary Gentle, and eligible for the 2003-4 OUSFG Award.

"Mary Gentle is one of Britain's most outstanding writers of imaginative fiction, able to move seamlessly from science fiction to fantasy within the same story. Following on from the success of ASH, 1610: A SUNDIAL? IN? A GRAVE? and the omnibus volumes WHITE? CROW? and ORTHE?, comes CARTOMANCY?, the definitive collection of Mary Gentle's short fiction. CARTOMANCY? includes the stories from SOLDIERS? AND? SCHOLARS? as well as a number of tales previously unpublished in book form, all with new afterwords and topped and tailed with a specially revised version of her split story 'Cartomancy'.

Contains a really good novella set in the same world as Ash. Also notable for the biotech story with babies grown specifically as abuse-playthings. Brr. -- NH

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