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An index is a page consisting primarily of links to other pages. Indexes are a way of organising useful information on a wiki.

Indexes are complementary to categories; categories are easy to apply (just tag the page) and easy to search, but not very selective, and give no evaluation of pages. An index, on the other hand, takes more work to maintain (and so may not be up to date or complete), but will generally point to more useful pages, and may give one-line descriptions of them (where their titles are not self-explanatory).

Oh, and this page is a category for indices, not an index of categories. Boggle. Actually, thinking about it, this page should be both a category for indices and an index of categories.

Of course, if you want a list of important indices, you should inspect the Index Index. Double boggle.

Indices are a lot like what the Ward Wiki crew call 'roadmaps': <>.

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