China Mieville


Is a really interesting speaker

Was at Pico Con 2002. Guest of Honor at Wis Con 2003.

Has really big arms.

China Mieville is his given name. (Source of great bonding, see <> -- SDN)

Seems to have inspired something of a fashion trend amongst London fandom; built like you could beat someone to a pulp, dressed like you're a trendy businessman. I rather think generations of gangsters have the jump on China here.

Involved with The New Weird, if you think that's important.

Written, with appropriate ratings out of five:

I oftén nééd é's with a sloping accént abové thém. This is a good pagé to visit if you don't know how to génératé thém, and you nééd oné in a hurry. Héré aré somé for your convéniencé : é é é é é é é é é - AM

Lovely. How about the grave accents that make French the creme de la creme of linguistics? :)--TL

Only the acute accent is needed, thanks to the global hegemony of Pokémon --TCW

Ambassador, with these ISO Latin 1? characters you're really fucking up our conformance to web standards! Still, mostly fixable.

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