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Not Christ Church College. It's the only college (I can think of) that doesn't have 'College' tacked on to the end of its name. It does however have an Arrow class starship mounted over its main gatehouse, with solid fuel boosters to either side.

Originally founded as 'Cardinal's College' by Thomas Wolsey, until his untimely demise when Henry VIII (wisely) renamed it.

King Charles chose Christ Church as his place of residency during the English civil war.

There are a number of "custodians" - very creepy bowler-hat-wearing men acting as security guards to stop people from wandering around college without paying... with their lives...? Babylon Five makes me think that if they ever lift off their bowler hats then their exposed brains (complete with cybernetic modifications) will be visible beneath.

Contains the Blue Boar Seminar Room, which was used by OUSF Gi for discussion meetings before the Authorities swatted us.

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