Christmas Party

The famous christmas party. Held jointly with RPG Soc (through the legal apparatus of Oxford Joint Ventures) and organised jointly by the OUSFG Treasurer and the RPG Soc Treasurer. Much punch is drunk, much dancing happens, and then after Road To Nowhere we all go to the Post Christmas Party Party. Except those involved in cleaning up, pacifying porters, evacuating audio gear, etc.

Usually it's optional fancy dress, and there are prizes for best male, best female, best couple/double-act etc. All good clean fun.

Tanaqui Weaver makes a point of never going to this event, because she has been summoned away to deal with bad things on a suspicious number of occasions. Also, it's loud, sweaty and full of bad alcohol and music. So, I ask you... who is real mad person?

The Christmas Party has occupied several venues, including Talbot Hall, LMH, until it was banned, Teddy Hall College for one year, and St Johns College Larkin And Prestwich Rooms for the past two years. Opinion is divided on what makes a good Christmas Party venue.

Somehow, we have never got round to playing Urusei Yatsura's 'Slain by Elf' at the Christmas Party. An extraordinary oversight, one has to agree.

One might, if one knew what it was.

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