Christopher Priest

A British writer, whose work is certainly SF-tinged, if not always actually real SF. He is preoccupied with themes of reality, illusion, belief and madness. For those who haven't read him he may be best imagined as a British Dick, thematically if not in his written style.

Not to be confused with The Other Christopher Priest.

Christopher Priest was also slated to write a Doctor Who serial in the early 1980s, although this fell through for some reason. He is, to my knowledge, the only proper SF writer to have ever been linked with the series, with the exception of Douglas Adams who did it 'before he was famous'.

His latest novel, 'The Separation', was reported in 'Ansible' as being in the early stages of being developed into a movie, by the script-writer and director who brought you 'Memento', which sounds highly appropriate and very promising.

The books of Christopher Priest, with five star ratings:

I like him. His stuff can be a bit slow, but the ideas come like the tide - you don't notice it until you're drowning. -- TA Mike Froggatt has pointed out to me that most people would actually notice the tide coming in if they were in danger of drowning in it, which is a fair point. -- TA

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