Cinema Economy Class Flight Syndrome

In what appears to be a conscious attempt to recapture the era of the epic, films are getting longer and longer, including Children's Films (see Harry Potter). This, combined with uncomfortable seating, leads to a distinct numbness of leg by the end presumably similar to that experienced during long haul flights.

WJR's opinion on this is divided. On the one hand, it promotes a slightly longer attention span among cinema goers, and makes an event of it. It also means that LOTR, and to a lesser extent Harry Potter, don't have to be cut to pieces quite as much as they otherwise would. On the other hand, if it gets applied to another film with Star Wars quality dialogue, it will be sheer torture, and for that alone, this gets a place in The Inferno.

"The Return of the King", the final instalment of LOTR, will be shot in real time, and shown with no interval. Anyone standing, stretching, or otherwise moving during the several-week long showing will be decapitated.

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