Danger Mouse

Very nice Cosgrove Hall animation, featuring the exploits of the Greatest Secret Agent In The World Dangermouse, and his faithful if inept assistant Penfold the Hamster, as they save the world from the evil Baron Silas Greenback (a toad with yellow teeth), his henchman Stiletto the Mafia crow:

"Iza Dangermouse, Barone! Ees a lost his memorable!" and, of course, Nero, Greenback's evil pet caterpillar.

Dangermouse went through all kinds of weird and wonderful escapades, including being zapped into the future and arriving on

The Planet of the Cats

and, of course, battling the Evil Count Duckula on a couple of occasions. A classic of its time, and something of which an OUSFG Bonus Video marathon would be fun- in a bonkers sort of way. -- WJR

Category Kids TV

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