Dark Season

An outstanding drama written by Russell T Davies in the early nineties, it is also notable for (a) starring a young Kate Winslet and (b) the fact that Russell T Davies went on to write Queer As Folk and the only Doctor Who novel set entirely on a Glasgow sink estate. Glasgow?? I heard London --TL The city is not named in Damaged Goods: somewhere near a moor is all we are told, and the woman with the hair came there FROM? London I think --MAB Oop, my bad.


The series was split into two halves. The first dealt with some crazy hypnotic computer stuff (not entirely unlike the second Demon Headmaster? book), the second with a buried monster which turned out to be a forgotten Mo D? war computer (dope!).

The villain was a really bad dude with Spike-like platinum hair, black shades and a limo with the registration plate NEME515. His name was apparently Eldritch.

Kate Winslet may have been the one with the kayak paddle in her rucksack (No she wasn't - she played Reet, the chum of the one with the rucksack, Marcie...). "In case I get lost up the creek without a paddle" - I quote --TL

Not the same as Century Falls. Or Archers Goon (not even remotely). Some crazy hypnotic stuff and a few bits of hi-techery here and there, but yes, not at all the same. Does anyone have a copy of Dark Season or Century Falls on video? With all the retro vibes afflicting BBC, rerunning some good drama would more than make up for it.

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