Delegation Of Responsibility

The OUSFG Constitution should be amended to allow members of the OUSFG Committee to delegate some or all of their responsibility.

Specifically, the OUSFG Committee may, if the delegator and delegate consent, transfer some defined part of a member of the committee's responsibility, along with appropriate authority, to another OUSFG Member. Delegates who are not committee members become honorary committee members; they may (and should) attend committee meetings, but not necessarily vote. The delegation may be revoked instantly by vote of the committee or withdrawal of the consent of either party. The society as a whole may, by a vote at a general meeting, make restrictions on the delegation of responsibility by or to a specific person, or for a specific responsibility.

This needs writing up in a more structured and definite way.

Comments are encouraged!

It is possible that this might intimidate the first-years a little, if they're prevailed upon to deputise for the old lags. On the other hand, it might be used to put first-years into committee positions without overburdening them with responsibility, by delegating it to older hands, which would reduce the intimidation.

Make sure the word gets around about this wrinkle, I say. Otherwise (especially with the diminishing number of OUSFG old lags actually being in Oxford) a very good idea. --TL

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