Disturbing Dreams

Some people must have nice, ordinary dreams. By ordinary, I possibly mean dreams which feature neither SF or OUSFG. Feel free to add your own strange experiences of your subconscious' efforts to categorise, stamp, file, and number OUSFG...

The number of people who have chosen to name their dream reports with references to Jeam Land is a little disturbing.

Star Trek and The Shopping Centre Basement

I have almost zero interest in Star Trek, and I'm fairly sure I heard no mention and saw no image of it in the previous day, so why would I dream a Star Trek Movie? Worse still, why would I be Kirk?!? (Anyone making even mental observations on that will be sprinkled with curry powder and fed to the Docsoc Committee.)-- WJR Was this a particular Star Trek movie, or one of your own invention? --TL One of my own invention, I believe- an incipient war between a race of cloned journalists and another race whose only source of food was cloned journalists. Kirk fell into space and had to be teleported aboard, and Spock was sacked after punching out an admiral. After this, as I said, the deserted shopping centre in the basement of Arlington Drive seemed almost normal. -- WJR

Universe Selection

Possibly in a cross-breed with Zool this time, since it took the form of OUSFG, trapped in the library, travelling through the Space/time vortex in a very "Shada"esque (ob Doctor Who) 'College Room Tardis', and on our way to some totally different universe frantically searching the library in search of a fictional universe we'd like to end up in. Tim was, I believe, cast out into the vortex for voting for "Witch Queen of Vixania". -- WJR

Dalek Dodgems

I blame this one on the Picocon chat at last night's OUSFG. The Dalek Supreme and Davros race through the ruins of the old Kaled City (c.f. "Destiny of the Daleks") each gaining points for ramming the other's troops, whilst being themselves hunted by the other's Special Weapons or Black Daleks. Such gimmicks existed as being able to activate a magnetic field and raise certain bits of floor to block off pursuit. Sigh. -- WJR

Alx's Journey to Jeamland


Dreamed by Alx Williams.

Weirdly, when i logged in to find this on the newsgroup, my automatic sig selecta (tm) chose this: ""when i go to sleep, i dream "Wow. What a cool period of ulness."" -- TWIC, ox.clubs.ousfg" -- William, ox.clubs.ousfg, which is a quote from the thread started by Alx's dream. Keep watching the skies, earthlings. -- TA

Semi-animate Membership?

A still living OUSFG Member (name uncertain, but quite possibly NH or TA) donated their body to science as a joke. Their disembodied brain was then implanted into an armoured sofa, and became President of the society. -- WJR

The name's Blair, Tony Blair.

A short sequence showing Mr Blair in his office in Downing Street attempting to fire a sniper rifle out through the skylight in the hope that the bullet would function as an ICBM (inter-continental ballistic missile) and eventually hit Saddam Hussein in Baghdad. He managed to hit Jacques Chirac in Paris by mistake, but wasn't terribly upset. -- WJR

Cinema or Plane?

Very odd little sequence which fairly gave me the heebies for a short while: I'm in a cinema where the screen's showing a point-of-view shot from the inside of a jumbo jet, with the ranks of seats being the same style as in the cinema. Then for no apparent reason, the seats in the cinema seem to be moving in the same way as they do when a plane's taking off, and I get some view of a night sky through which the plane is flying. Then I notice the plane appears to be breaking up - suddenly there's a massive explosion, and everything's falling. I recall rather confusedly that this must have something to do with the gelignite-soap as produced by Project Mayhem in Fight Club... unfortunately, that's when my alarm went off, so I have no idea how the dream might've continued. --TL

From yonks ago


Postapocalyptic Urban Spelunking

I had a dream about telling Geneva about having had a dream about postapocalyptic urban spelunking (travelling through partially subterranean parts of a ruined city). I have forgotten almost everything about it. The city was halfway between the city of the Old Ones in At The Mountains Of Madness, an MC Escher drawing, central Sydney (as seen in The Matrix) and London (as seen in Twenty Eight Days Later). -- TA

College Quest

A slightly off-the-wall one here. First you need to know that I, WJR, have never been to or even seen St Peter's College. Secondly you need to know that Doc Soc are currently considering it as a future venue. In the dream, St Peter's was located on the High, opposite Magdalen, and considerably larger. I remember being surprised that I'd never noticed it before. Anyway, the dream essentially consisted of Thea Logie and myself trying to find our way around the college to locate a Doc Soc meeting, avoiding the main line railway which ran through one of the Quads, and having been warned by the Porters that several of the doors opened directly to Space. For added OUSFG Trivia goodness, although he didn't feature in the dream, I remember being aware that Alx Williams was the current Doc Soc Treasurer. -- WJR

Prosthetic Leg

Dreaming that I had a very sophisticated artificial leg, I woke up this morning and felt surprised by how similar my toes felt on each foot. The false memory the dream left behind was sufficiently strong that, not being awake enough to simply dispell it, I was forced to go through Hilary Term week by week in my mind to confirm to myself that no, at no point in the last term had I had my right leg amputated and replaced with a synthetic bionic limb. The final clinching argument was that my memory of the event took place "sometime last term", and, despite Human Memory being not the most reliable, I suspect I would have remembered such an event with slightly more accuracy and attention to detail. -- WJR

Bureaucratic Errors

Owing to an error in whatever form we had to fill in to remain a University Society, Doc Soc accidentally sold the souls of all its members to the Proctors, and the Committee (which included a number of OUSF Gi, including several Anti Whovians, oddly) had to battle their way into the depths of the Proctors' Offices to retrieve the souls of the rest of the society, fortunately aided by our various superpowers (see Super Power Wish List). It was all eventually revealed to be part of a vast plot by Bob Holness (of Block Busters and latterly Call My Bluff) to use Sandi Toksvig to bring the whole University under his control. Key visual imagery- a demonic Bob Holness, drawn in the style of the Sandman comics, holding a trigger linked to a nuclear bomb beneath London, which he threatened to set off if Doc Soc didn't elect him President, and snarling "Call My Bluff!" I believe we diced him. -- WJR

Plug And Play Sparrows

This was probably inspired by the dawn chorus (one of whom appeared to have a sore throat this morning). For some reason plugging a sparrow into one's computer after the fashion of an ethernet or sound or anything else card gave one extra memory. The flight feathers spread out and plugged into the connectors inside the computer, and the beak poked out through the back and took drip feed through a USB cable. What in the name of bloody hell? -- WJR

Star Wiki

As Anakin Skywalker, attempting to defend the Wiki Republic against anti-wikizens, I somehow ended up climbing a thin metal rope lassoed to a space craft attempting to fly out of the atmosphere. Since my last memory before waking up was letting go and seeing the Emperor watching me fall, I doubt it was scheduled to be a happy ending. -- WJR

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