Downham Market Town Council

Corrupt political regime which gained power through a combination of vote-buying, extortion, murder, and genocide on innocent memes and accents. Traditionally ruled by a sinister shadowy figure known only as The Dentist, other luminaries of the Town Council include:

The Town Council appears to be of the opinion that the best way to 'breathe life back into the town' is to demolish most of the genuinely historic parts of it (the Market place which, unsurprisingly in a Market town, is the focal point) to 'Regenerate' it (Whovians duck) into something that looks as if Hitler would hold a Rally in it... and we're not talking cars, either.

Of course, maybe the town wouldn't be in need of revitalising if they hadn't decided to choke it up with hideous new housing without a thought to the corollaries thereof, not to mention that the average age is rapidly approaching three figures. Suffice it to say that "Funeral Director" is the career of choice in a growing industry.

In many respects, Downham Market is operating in Groundhog Day mode.

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