East Enders

Horrendous BBC soap opera set in the land of the Cockernees.

And now for a word from one of our readers ...

Hey guys, this is an email I received telling you the storyline of Dirty Dens return ...... & Phils departure from Walford :o) IF? you don't want to know, please, please don't read this, the temptation proved to hard for me so yep, you guessed it, I read it ..........

Dalton's mob (Andy and the boys) Try to kill Dennis but fail. Soon they turn their attention to Sharon as well and the pair's life is in danger! Soon Sharon gets a mysterious message to go to the Canal - the spot where her father was murdered. If she goes she can end the mobs pressure on them. When she gets there she is amazed to find Den is ALIVE! (didn't see that coming did you)

Den's return (with his own Mob) and tells Andy and co. they are handing over the East End? underworld to him. Den Snr tells Sharon that he has been keeping a eye on Walford since he left he knows about Phil and Grant and her divorce - And Tom, Pete's death and Kathy's departure. He also knows Vicky returned. Andy and his lads are given 12 hours to get out of Walford - They don't and Den gives them another 24 hours to get out of the country, when they don't they are Killed in a car bomb.

Den wants revenge on Phil for hurting Sharon and Kathy years ago and more importantly revenge for grassing up Dennis. Phil at first tells Den he is past it and should just keep out of things. Word spreads that Den is no longer just running the Eastend underworld but most of London after his return. Phil worries and tells Den he did it cos Andy and the Mob threatened Kate and Louise. This doesn't wash with Den who tells him he will get revenge.

First Phil's house is burnt down and then Ricky discover a car in the arches is wired up. Phil try's to flee Walford with Kate and Louise but Lisa tips Den off and Den stops him and tells him he will kill him unless he signs some papers. Phil refuses to sign when he discovers they are the deeds to the Queen Vic. But Den tells him its the Vic or he dies. Phil signs the Vic over for a sweet - Exactly what he sold out to Andy for over Dennis. Phil leaves. Losing Lou as well to Lisa.

You HAD to read it didn't you. ...... :o)

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