Eating In New York

New York City has more places to eat, drink, snack and so on than you can shake a 16-mile-long stick at.

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Tea & Sympathy (Manhattan, 108 Greenwich Av between 12th and 13th): eccentric but somehow lovable tribute to British nosh in NY. Not so much the sister to Myers' of Keswick (the sole British grocer's in the Big Apple) as its voluminously chintzy auntie. Tea, obviously, the way it's meant to be made, but also some good eats (their veggie version of shepherd's pie got my thumbs-up)... Beware cramped conditions: it's too popular for its own good! 4/5 TL (book available also, with story of restaurant and recipes, see site)

A Salt and Battery (Manhattan): Tea and Sympathy, but with fish and chips.

Sapphire Indian Cuisine (Manhattan, 61st and Bdwy): tres swish in a Raj sort of way, which can be a little intimidating - best for special occasions and groups. Cuisine's pretty darn good too, nice and aromatic (their house dhal isn't as good as Sebastian's IMHO, but they serve it with marvellous saffron-flavoured rice), comes in prix-fixe, buffet or just regular. Coffee isn't up to local standards, tho'. Zagat-rated. 4/5 --TL

DT-UT (Manhattan, 41 Av B between 3rd and 4th; also 1626 2nd Av between 84th and 85th): only been to the downtown one myself, but tho' a bit far to go from home it's definitely one which vaut le voyage... chilled-out atmos, not too trendy, plenty of sofas but this ain't Star Bucks!. Snacks have the home-cooked feel to them, and the coffee defies competition. Wi-Fi available too, so watch out for the laptop owners.

is the definitive Good Pub Guide equivalent for New York's restaurants and other miscellaneous eateries. (But you now have to pay, so I suggest:

If there are any specific sorts of places you're interested in, ask and I will provide info. -- SDN) Any good eateries will do; you can give them ratings if you like. --TL

OK then: my favorite place to take non-New Yorkers is

An article about the place from The New Yorker:

all for now --SDN

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