Eating In Oxford

Oxford's not a bad place to eat, considering it is a fairly small provincial town.

It's important to remember that qualifying clause "considering it's a fairly small provincial town"; it's also important to remember that Oxford's range of restaurants is influenced by its large student population, so that whilst there are a large number of cheap and cheerful eateries (many of which are very good), there are very few, if any, good top-end restaurants.

As is traditional, let's divide things up by geographical origin of cuisine, starting at the Greenwich meridian and going east.

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It should be noted that this is an entirely separate entity from Drinking In Oxford.

Note that the listing below includes assessments of quality; these are of course completely subjective and, moreover, made by more than one person, so they are not necessarily even internally consistent. Maybe we should start noting personal ratings, say ratings on a Five Point Scale, in the form [4/5 TA]. Alternatively, leave a comment (possibly including a rating).


Emphatically non-sandwich, The Nosebag (St Michael's St, Centre) is relatively cheap and very cheerful, service is fairly canteen-counter but food is good, including both vegetarian, vegan and carnivorous tastes as well as fairly international cuisine - and look out for the sinful-looking desserts and fruit wines... [4/5 TL/WJR] A funny mix of Malaysian and British, but suitably cheap! [6/10 LR]

British - Sandwiches and suchlike

Note that these places may be somewhat international in flavour; however (a) the sandwich (which we will define as anything with bread on either side) is a fundamentally British invention (b) the world essentially counts as British anyway - we won it fare and square (except for the bits we stole, and Hull), (c) the world is clearly located at zero degrees east, and so goes here in the order and (d) they all belong in one category, and that's got to go somewhere. So there.

British - Tea Shops

British - Grease-based

Pubs with Food



See also Fasta Pasta (under British - Sandwiches).


Pizzerias are separated from 'proper' Italian restaurants, because Pizza Hut et al cannot honestly be described as Italian.

Eastern European


This term refers to the mish-mash of Greek, Turkish, Lebanese etc that turns up in various places. Most have hookah pipes; some have belly-dancers.





It is possible to quibble over the relative Easternness of Indonesia and Japan; here, they have been ordered by the coordinates given in the CIA World Factbook?. Quite how the CIA assign point coordinates to countries is unclear, and, presumably, if they told us, they'd have to kill us.



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