Fallen Angels

A novel by Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle and Michael Flynn?. It's set in a future where America (and in Niven And Pournelle?, there is nowhere in the world other than America, except sometimes for comedy purposes) is run by an anti-technological luddite environmentalist dictatorship/idiotocracy or something (Goddamn Hippies!), and where reduced solar activity is leading to a new ice age (and the only thing that could save us is global warming, which is religiously prevented by the hippies). The story concerns some astronauts who, on a mission from the space station (being the last outpost of technological civilisation), accidentally crash on Earth; they are hunted by the hippies, but manage to evade them by - and this is the good bit - disappearing into the SF underground. Better yet, Fan Dom? shows it has Real Ultimate Power by scratchbuilding (well, kitbashing) them a rocket to get home.

Category Book

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